The Multi-Razor

The Muti-Razorô was designed with hair artistry in mind. Manufactured with nylon 66 plastic, the Multi-Razor was built to withstand extreme heat and any type of chemical used in the salon or barbershop. The sleek, but strong handle is contoured to fit the hands of any male or female using this implement, with a texture intended to provide the user with a firm and confident grip for sure handed color applications and razorwork. The nylon bristles are firm and close fitting so that there is little or no drip and less mess during applications. Last but not least, the Multi-Razor ô was designed with a removable blade cover so that the blade can be changed after each service for the safety and sanitation of each client. Enjoy your new Multi-Razorô !!!

  • What The Muti-Razorô Does

    As you get familiar with your Multi-Razor, one of the first things you may notice is the time you save in transition from application brush to apply your color, bleach, or enhancement,..... to razorwork and detailing. With the Multi-Razorô, you save valuable time by having your razor and your application brush as one implement!!!...... Next you will notice dry time is no longer your enemy. We all hate to service a client with a color or edge up enhancement and notice color stains in the skin because the color got out of control...... Well with the Multi-Razor, you can apply and detail (razorwork) all in one move...... controlling your colors, protecting the skin and detailing simultaneously, saving time and energy. The Muti-Razorô r has multiple uses. From eyebrow fillings to edge up enhancements on beards, mustaches, and hairlines. The Muti-Razorô is the ideal "tool" for design enhancements,.... where it transforms into a "paintbrush". #artist..... So many multiple uses!!!..... Don't multitask..... Multi-Razorô !!